Affinity at Serangoon Condo to Launch New Showflat with Facebook Announcement

The upgraded showflat will be available soon and there’ll be a number of portable media advertisements online including window webpages along with Facebook which will be advertising Affinity at Serangoon condo soon. It’s plenty of public transportation choices, all that attached to several components and airplanes of this island. Designed with the community in mind, it intends to create its occupants feel a sense of belonging and closeness within their particular community, hence the name Affinity.

In addition to this, there are currently no other significant condominium jobs in the region, which makes it exclusive and limiting competition. Some 1,200 units are called to be constructed on the website. Affinity At Serangoon floor plan design is fantastic, and you may barely track down any brand-new launching with a effective and superior design like Affinity Serangoon unit layout and showflat design can offer.

Additionally, the place of the project is truly excellent. The ventures which are at the current time on development will boost the appearances of the surroundings while non industrial websites that are on-going will finish the overall outlook of the authentic estate. Families would similarly be quite pleased to note the range of great schools in the region, including Rosyth School and also Zhonghua School that are present in 1KM.

The location is quite convenient as it’s found in the mature housing estate of Serangoon Garden and there are lots of amenities like shopping centres along with colleges that are located close to Affinity Condo. By means of example, The Grassroots’ Club along with Serangoon Gardens Country Club are located just a couple of minutes drive away. Among the most well-known hotspots from the region are the Chomp Chomp Food Centre.